Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. calls for mutual respect and cooperation between countries

Xie Feng

8th June 2023 – (Washington) Chinese Ambassador to the United States Xie Feng has called for the two countries to uphold mutual respect, peaceful co-existence, and win-win cooperation and to explore the right way to get along in the new era. Xie made these remarks during a keynote speech at an event held by the U.S.-China Business Council to welcome him as China’s new ambassador to the United States. He noted that China-US relations face challenges but emphasised that Chinese President Xi Jinping has made it clear that getting the relationship right is not optional, but something the two countries must do and must do well.

Xie stated that the world is big enough for the two countries to develop themselves and prosper together. President Xi has proposed the three principles of mutual respect, peaceful co-existence, and win-win cooperation, which represent the fundamental and right way for the two countries to get along in the new era. Among them, mutual respect comes first, peaceful co-existence is the red line, and win-win cooperation is the goal, said Xie.

Xie emphasized that China has always placed importance on its relationship with the United States. China is ready to work with the U.S. to follow the right direction, enhance dialogue and cooperation, defuse flashpoints, and take concrete actions to deliver on the common understandings between the two presidents, so as to bring this relationship back to the right track at an early date.

Xie said that the U.S. should respect China’s choice of development path and social system, the Chinese people’s right to a better life, and China’s core interests and major concerns. These are essential for this relationship to advance in the right direction, with no conflict, no confrontation, or no new Cold War.

Xie identified the Taiwan question as the most significant risk and a pressing task to bring under control. “No one wants peaceful reunification more than China does. We are also the last that wants tensions or warfare across the Taiwan Strait.” The Chinese side has not simulated war games, changed the status quo, or stoked any crisis. The Taiwan authorities are seeking US support for their independence agenda, while some in the United States propose using Taiwan to contain China. Xie said these are the biggest threats to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.

Xie stated that the most fundamental thing is to fully and faithfully adhere to the one-China principle, the most important is to abide by the three joint communiques with real actions, and the most pressing is to match words with deeds and oppose adventurism and provocation by the “Taiwan independence” forces.

Xie called on the business community to stay fair and pragmatic, be committed to cooperation with China, and avoid politicizing economic issues. Doing so will bring more positive energy to the bilateral relationship and help both peoples live better lives.

China and the United States have a lot to offer each other in terms of industrial strength. In the last five years, the return rate of foreign direct investment in China reached 9.1 percent. Of the over 70,000 American companies doing business in China, nearly 90 percent are earning profits, he said.

Xie emphasised that today’s China-U.S. relationship bears on not only the well-being of the 1.7 billion Chinese and American people but also the world’s future. Forestalling conflict and confrontation and upholding a stable China-US relationship will promote the common interests of both countries and contribute to world peace and prosperity.