Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. and U.S. Treasury Under-Secretary hold constructive talks on mutual interests

The Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., Xie Feng (right), and Under-Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Jay Shambaugh (left), Picture source: Twitter/@AmbXieFeng

4th June 2023 – (Washington) The Chinese Ambassador to the U.S., Xie Feng, and Under-Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Jay Shambaugh, engaged in a candid, in-depth, and constructive exchange of views on issues of mutual interest during their talks in Washington on Friday. According to the Chinese embassy, Xie, who assumed his ambassadorial post last month, stressed the importance of strengthening dialogue, managing differences, and removing obstacles between the two countries.

Both sides agreed to maintain communication on advancing mutually beneficial cooperation in bilateral and multilateral fields, as per the readout. The meeting is seen as an attempt to ease tensions between the US and China, which have been strained over issues such as trade, technology, and human rights.

Xie’s emphasis on the importance of dialogue and managing differences is significant, given the recent tensions between the two countries. The US has accused China of engaging in unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft, while China has accused the US of meddling in its internal affairs and attempting to contain its rise as a global power.

The talks between Xie and Shambaugh are a positive step towards resolving these issues and improving the overall relationship between the two countries. Maintaining communication and advancing mutually beneficial cooperation will be essential in achieving this objective.