Chinese actress Zhao Wei mourns the death of her father on her Instagram account


    11th June 2022 – (Beijing) On 27th August 2021, all films and television dramas featuring Vicky Zhao/Zhao Wei, Chinese actress and businesswoman disappeared from Chinese video streaming services like Tencent Video and iQiyi, and her Weibo Super Talk was deleted (while the Weibo accounts of her own and her studio remain normal). No explanation was given by the Chinese government, however she is only one of many other Chinese entertainers who have run afoul of a sudden wave of new government policies that are currently upending Chinese life — Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping’s “Common Prosperity” campaign. 

    Her whereabouts remains a mystery. She was once rumoured to be hiding at her husband’s vineyard in France but she once appeared on social media to say that she was with her parents in her hometown of Anhui. She was also spotted in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong in December last year. Zhao suddenly posted a black and white photo of his father on Instagram in the early hours of this morning to mourn his death, and left a few messages: “Life is endless! Amitabha Buddha. Dad will always be in my heart. Like a fallen leaf, A flying flower, a hint of smoke! These descriptions that humans can imagine are extremely pale! Like weeds, endless, in my limited cognition. You will not leave me, just like I will not leave you. Let’s go! You have nothing, and I have nothing.”

    Netizens have left messages to express their condolences and concern for her, and she also responded with a message saying: “It’s amazing, he will live forever, because someone has always loved him and remembered him. I hope to love him in the next life.” However, Zhao later deleted the post and only posted a picture of a Buddha statue on her Instagram account story.

    Zhao Wei’s late father