Chinese actress Zhao Wei faces setback as her assets worth HK$5.4m allegedly frozen

    Zhao Wei

    17th April 2024 – (Beijing) Mainland Chinese actress Zhao Wei has encountered yet another setback. After being blacklisted for over two years, there were recent rumours circulating that she would make a comeback in the entertainment industry this year. However, these hopes have been dashed as reports emerged that her assets have been frozen. The frozen assets amount to a staggering 5.4 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately 5 million Chinese yuan), delivering a fresh blow to her already struggling career.

    Once considered one of the leading actresses in mainland China, alongside Zhou Xun and Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei’s career came to a screeching halt in 2021 when she was labeled a “problematic artist.” During her career suspension, Zhao Wei reportedly made various attempts to regain entry into the entertainment industry. Occasionally making public appearances at mainland Chinese airports, she aimed to keep her presence known and prevent herself from being forgotten. Earlier, there was a sudden frenzy online as rumors spread that she was on the verge of a comeback. Some domestic websites even unblocked her videos, and her social media accounts returned to normal, generating widespread attention. There were even rumors of her planning new projects in June this year.

    However, just as Zhao Wei’s impending return to the spotlight seemed imminent, recent reports from mainland Chinese media revealed that she has encountered yet another setback. According to available information, a portion of her shareholdings has been frozen, with the Beijing Fourth Intermediate People’s Court issuing the freeze order. The frozen assets amount to 5.4 million Hong Kong dollars (approximately 5 million Chinese yuan), and the freeze will remain in effect until 10th April, 2027. It is worth noting that Zhao Wei’s commercial endeavours have significantly diminished in recent years. Once invested in 17 companies spanning real estate, entertainment, technology, and film, she now only holds the position of legal representative in a single film and cultural studio, as all the others have been dissolved or revoked.

    News of Zhao Wei’s frozen assets has triggered a heated discussion online, with many netizens expressing the belief that this setback will seriously hinder her comeback prospects. It appears that she will face significant challenges if she wishes to revive her acting career in the near future, leaving her no choice but to bide her time and wait for a more opportune moment.