Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi fails to congratulate Michelle Yeoh on winning Best Actress Award, Zhang denies rumours of discord and retaliates by reporting

    Michelle Yeoh (left) and Zhang Ziyi (right)

    17th March 2023 – (Beijing) Michelle Yeoh has made history by becoming the first Asian actress to win an Academy Award. Her achievement has been widely celebrated by her friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry. However, a recent social media post by a netizen has stirred up controversy, claiming that mainland Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, who worked with Yeoh in two films, has yet to publicly congratulate her on her win.

    The post suggested that Zhang’s lack of response was due to a personal conflict between the two actresses, and criticised her for being “petty” and lacking in grace. However, the post was later deleted after being reported by a user claiming to be Zhang herself, who accused the original poster of violating her privacy and infringing on her rights.

    Many social media users have weighed in on the issue, with some speculating on the nature of the relationship between the two actresses, while others defended Zhang, arguing that she may have congratulated Yeoh privately or simply chosen not to make a public announcement. Some have also noted that Zhang, who has been a member of the Academy for many years and served on its Lifetime Achievement Committee at the age of 26, has achieved significant success in Hollywood and does not need to prove herself through public displays of support.