Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi displays endurance in makeup-free gym workout


    25th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi recently took to social media to share a video of herself engaging in a makeup-free workout session, accompanied by the caption “Pain and happiness in the morning.” In the beginning of the short video, she playfully made the OK hand gesture and blew a kiss to the camera, showcasing her adorable side. However, she quickly switched gears and entered workout mode, demonstrating her dedication by utilising various exercise equipment and incorporating exercises with a fitness ball.

    Zhang’s intense workout eventually took a toll on her, as she found herself exhausted and collapsed on the ground, exclaiming, “I can’t move anymore.” Despite her momentary fatigue, she soon regained her strength and continued with her training, displaying remarkable perseverance. Netizens praised her exceptional stamina and commended her flawless appearance, noting that her skin and physique were exceptionally well-maintained, truly befitting her status as a goddess.

    Zhang Ziyi, known for her roles in mainland China’s film industry, has captivated audiences worldwide with her talent and beauty. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and commitment to regular exercise is evident in the video she shared, inspiring fans and admirers alike.

    While the actress is renowned for her on-screen performances, she also serves as a role model for embracing a balanced approach to fitness and wellness. Zhang’s makeup-free gym session showcases her authenticity and determination, reminding fans that achieving one’s fitness goals requires both effort and resilience.

    As the video continues to circulate online, Zhang Ziyi’s fans eagerly await further updates on her fitness journey and anticipate future glimpses into her disciplined workout routines.