Chinese actress Huang Lu criticises Cathay Pacific staff for poor handling of lost purse incident

    Huang Lu

    26th May 2023 – (Xi’an) Chinese actress Huang Lu took to social media on 26th May to express her disappointment with Cathay Pacific staff for their handling of her lost purse incident at Hong Kong International Airport. Huang claimed that the staff member she approached on board her flight was unhelpful and even complained about her situation.

    According to Huang, she informed the flight attendant about her lost wallet and was met with a cold and unresponsive attitude. She had to wait for a long time before being given the necessary paperwork for retrieving her lost property. To make matters worse, she was even scolded in English by one of the flight crew.

    After landing in Xi’an, Huang was pleasantly surprised by the welcoming attitude of the customs officials. They were understanding and reassuring, telling her not to worry about her lost documents as long as she was a Chinese citizen. This experience was a stark contrast to her earlier encounter with the Cathay Pacific staff.

    Cathay Pacific has come under fire after a netizen recently reported on social media that its flight attendants were discriminating against non-English speaking passengers. The incident has now become a hot topic on Weibo, China’s leading social media platform, and sparked widespread discussion.