Chinese actress Fan Bingbing takes legal action against defamatory remarks

    Fan Bingbing

    25th May 2024 – (Shanghai) In the wake of her tax evasion scandal, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing has garnered continued attention from fans worldwide despite her recent focus on international endeavours. However, earlier this month, derogatory comments targeting Fan surfaced on social media, drawing widespread concern from netizens. In response, Fan’s studio issued a statement last night (24th), highlighting that certain individuals intentionally spread a large volume of defamatory remarks about her, resulting in highly detrimental social consequences. To safeguard Fan’s legal rights, her studio has taken proactive measures through legal channels.

    The studio has engaged lawyers to hold accountable those responsible for the infringement and has requested the court to order the defendants to publicly apologize to Fan, compensate her for mental distress, and cover the associated legal costs. Additionally, the statement emphasizes that despite ongoing efforts to protect Fan’s rights, a substantial number of netizens persist in disseminating content that potentially infringes on her rights. The studio vows to closely monitor online developments and plans to pursue legal action against individuals involved in severe cases of infringement, firmly asserting that they will not tolerate such behaviour and will pursue justice to the fullest extent.