Chinese actress Fan Bingbing shines at Singapore Film Festival amidst Angelababy’s shift to overseas markets

    Fan Bingbing

    3rd December 2023 – (Singapore) After being embroiled in a tax evasion scandal, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s domestic career had been slow to recover. In a strategic pivot, Bingbing has turned to the international stage for a grand comeback, making her official return through a Korean film. Recently, Bingbing was invited to the 34th Singapore International Film Festival, where she captivated attendees with her dazzling appearances.

    Bingbing first graced the opening ceremony embodying a ‘black butterfly’ motif, elegantly dressed in a black evening gown designed with butterfly wings, a vision of nobility and grace. Later at the dinner, she switched to a red shiny dress with a high split that showcased her long legs, delighting spectators with her stunning appearance.

    In another development, actress Angelababy, rumoured to be blacklisted in mainland China, is suspected of following in Bingbing’s footsteps by turning to foreign markets in search of new opportunities. The actress recently graced the cover of a foreign fashion magazine and has been described as the mainland’s version of Kim Kardashian. Despite the support she receives from netizens encouraging her development in overseas markets, there are still detractors who believe that her talent is still lacking compared to Bingbing, thus making it hard for her to find success on international platforms.

    These recent events indicate a notable trend among Chinese actresses, suggesting that the international stage may offer a refuge and a fresh start amidst domestic challenges. This shift further underlines the global reach of Chinese cinema and its stars, despite the obstacles they face at home.

    Both Fan Bingbing and Angelababy’s moves, while prompted by different circumstances, underline the increasing interconnectivity of global cinema. As they navigate their career paths, these stars’ decisions to move beyond their traditional markets may open new doors and set precedents for other Chinese actors facing similar challenges.