Chinese actress Crystal Liu Yifei stuns with luxurious airport outfit worth over HK$330,000

    Crystal Liu

    7th December 2023 – (Bangkok) 36-year-old Crystal Liu Yifei, a top Chinese actress known for her ethereal beauty, continues to captivate fans with her impeccable fashion choices. Every time she makes a public appearance, she presents herself in the best possible light, showcasing her stunning looks. Recently, she was spotted at an airport in Thailand, where she had travelled for work. Numerous netizens captured photos of her and shared them on social media.

    Liu Yifei appeared flawless, maintaining her impeccable skincare routine and exhibiting her natural beauty. In the pictures, she was seen wearing a full ensemble of Louis Vuitton outfits, dressed entirely in black. She donned a black printed coat, paired with a black T-shirt and a black mini skirt, showcasing her slender and smooth legs, which added to her alluring presence in the crowd. Completing her look with a black cap and sunglasses, she exuded star power and exquisiteness, emanating a strong aura that caught everyone’s attention.

    Some netizens took a closer look at Liu Yifei’s entire outfit and calculated the total value of her designer clothing, which amounted to over 300,000 Chinese yuan (approximately HK$330,000). However, what caught the attention of some netizens was the small bag she carried, seemingly filled to the brim. It gave the impression that she had stuffed it with items as if she were going to the market. This observation led to light-hearted jokes, with netizens humorously commenting that it resembled a bag used for grocery shopping.