China’s military continues pressure on Taiwan with recent drills, signals readiness for further action

File photo.

30th May 2024 – (Beijing) China’s Defence Ministry has confirmed the successful completion of its military exercises around Taiwan, which took place last week, coinciding with the inauguration of Taiwan’s President Lai Ching-te. The drills aimed to counter what Beijing perceives as separatist tendencies under President Lai’s administration and to discourage foreign interference, announced spokesperson Wu Qian.

The military operations were described as necessary to thwart aggressive moves towards Taiwanese independence and represent a direct response to perceived provocations. “We have achieved our expected goals,” Wu stated during a press briefing in Beijing, asserting the military’s capability to handle any further disturbances smoothly.

While the official exercises have concluded, military activities in the region persist. Taiwan reported that as recently as Wednesday, Chinese warplanes and warships were engaged in what was described as a “joint combat readiness patrol.”

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister, Lin Chia-lung, expressed concerns over China’s strategies to diplomatically isolate Taiwan and restrict its participation in international forums, including a significant World Health Organisation meeting. According to Lin, such actions are part of a broader Chinese effort to unilaterally alter the status quo and integrate Taiwan under its control.