China’s Hainan sees 3,809 confirmed COVID cases from 1st to 13th August


Xinhua News

14th August 2022 – (Sanya) As of Saturday, south China’s Hainan Province registered 3,809 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3,927 asymptomatic ones between Aug. 1 and 13, local authorities said at a press briefing on Sunday.

The COVID-19 situation in Hainan’s coastal resort city of Sanya continues to develop rapidly with fluctuations in the number of daily cases, but the upward momentum of its epidemic situation has been effectively curbed, according to the provincial COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters.

The epidemic situation in some of Hainan’s cities and counties, including Danzhou and Lingshui, is in the development stage, with community transmission identified.

Hainan has helped visitors stranded in the province return home. By 6am Sunday, 14,247 stranded visitors had left Sanya and the provincial capital Haikou in 92 flights.