China urges U.S. to cease spreading false information, calls out disinformation campaigns

Lin Jian

17th June 2024 – (Beijing) China has called on the United States to halt its dissemination of false information about other nations, according to Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jian. Lin’s comments came in response to a Reuters report alleging that the U.S. military engaged in a smear campaign against China during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The investigation by Reuters revealed that the campaign aimed to cast doubt on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and other vital aid provided by China. A senior U.S. military officer involved in the campaign reportedly admitted, “We didn’t do a good job sharing vaccines with partners, so what was left to us was to throw shade on China’s.”

Lin denounced these actions, stating that they exemplified the regular practice of the United States to spread false information, manipulate social media, poison public opinion, and tarnish the reputation of other countries. He firmly expressed China’s opposition to such practices.

According to Lin, the remarks made by the senior U.S. military official expose the truth and the underlying intentions of the United States in launching disinformation campaigns against other nations. He accused the United States of disregarding the truth and leveraging resources to defame and slander countries it seeks to contain and suppress.

Lin emphasised that these tactics extend beyond China’s vaccines. Misinformation campaigns have been employed in various domains, including attempts to discredit the Belt and Road Initiative and spread rumours about overcapacity in China’s new energy vehicle industry, which is, in fact, experiencing significant growth in supply and demand.

He argued that such actions do not showcase the United States’ capabilities but rather reveal its hegemony and hypocrisy. Lin called on the international community to remain vigilant and develop a clear understanding of these actions undertaken by the United States.