China urges Israel to cease military operations, avert humanitarian crisis in Gaza’s Rafah

File photo.

13th February 2024 – (Beijing) China has called on Israel to immediately halt its military operations and prevent a potentially catastrophic humanitarian disaster in Gaza’s city of Rafah, according to a spokesperson from the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

The statement came in response to the Israeli military’s large-scale airstrikes in Rafah, which resulted in significant civilian casualties, as well as reports of a planned ground offensive in the area.

Expressing deep concern, the spokesperson emphasised that China is closely monitoring the situation unfolding in Rafah. “We firmly oppose and condemn any actions that target civilians and violate international law,” the spokesperson stated. “We urge Israel to cease its military operations without delay, take all necessary measures to protect innocent civilians, and prevent the situation in Rafah from deteriorating into a more severe humanitarian crisis.”

China’s plea for restraint aligns with its longstanding position of advocating for peaceful resolutions and adherence to international law in conflicts around the world. The country, as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, strives to promote stability and dialogue in international affairs.