China reiterates opposition to official foreign interactions with Taiwan

Wang Wenbin

21st May 2024 – (Beijing) China reiterated its staunch opposition to any official engagement with Taiwan by nations that maintain diplomatic ties with Beijing. Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, emphasised this stance during a daily press briefing, signalling China’s readiness to take decisive actions to protect its sovereignty.

The statement came in response to recent activities involving parliamentarians and former officials from various countries, who either participated in or congratulated the inauguration of Taiwan’s new leader, William Lai Ching-te. According to Wang, such actions contravene the one-China principle and the fundamental norms governing international relations.

“Such behaviours amount to severe interference in China’s internal affairs and pose threats to our national sovereignty and territorial integrity. They also jeopardise peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait,” Wang stated, expressing strong condemnation of these acts.

Wang reiterated the critical importance of the one-China principle as the bedrock of diplomatic relationships between China and other states. He clarified, “The global consensus acknowledges that there is only one China, Taiwan is an integral part of China’s territory, and the People’s Republic of China is the sole legitimate government representing China.”

Moreover, Wang urged the international community to avoid politicising the Taiwan issue or sending misleading signals to separatist movements. He called for an immediate cessation of activities that breach international trust and violate the one-China policy.

Highlighting the broad international support for the one-China principle, Wang noted that many global leaders and influential figures continue to back China’s position against Taiwan independence and in favour of national reunification.