China rebukes U.S. claims on Neuquén Space Station, affirms commitment to peaceful cooperation with Argentina

Chinese Embassy in Argentina

13th April 2024 – (Buenos Aires) The Chinese Embassy in Argentina has vehemently disputed recent statements made by the commander of the U.S. Southern Command, branding them as a grievous misrepresentation and disrespectful towards both China and Argentina. The remarks came in the wake of comments by Laura Richardson, who during a visit to Buenos Aires on 2nd April, expressed concerns about the Chinese-operated deep space station in Neuquén, which she alleged could enhance China’s global military surveillance capabilities.

The embassy’s response on Saturday was one of profound consternation, describing the U.S. assertions as “absurd” and an affront to the cooperative spirit between China and Argentina. According to the embassy, the Neuquén facility, a joint venture aimed at advancing space technology for peaceful purposes, operates transparently and is strictly for civilian use.

In a detailed statement, the embassy criticized what it perceives as persistent Cold War attitudes and zero-sum thinking within certain U.S. circles. It highlighted the contrast with China’s approach to international relations, which it claims is rooted in mutual respect, equality, and non-confrontational cooperation. The statement also pointed to the U.S.’s extensive global military presence, suggesting a double standard in the American critique of Chinese activities.

Further defending its international stance, the embassy lauded the successes of the Belt and Road Initiative, which it states has spurred nearly a trillion dollars in investment and has significantly contributed to job creation and poverty reduction in partner countries over the past decade. It emphasized the transformative impact of China-Argentina collaborations under this framework, notably in sectors like energy, infrastructure, and telecommunications, which have been instrumental in enhancing Argentina’s industrial and social landscape.

Reaffirming China’s dedication to building a harmonious global community, the embassy condemned the politicization of technological advancements and international partnerships. It stressed that Latin American and Caribbean nations are sovereign entities, fully capable of determining their foreign relations without external interference.