China lodges complaint with Japan, urges respect for core interests and non-interference


12th April 2024 – (Tokyo) China has expressed strong dissatisfaction and lodged a formal complaint with Japan over a negative statement issued after the Japan-U.S. summit. The Chinese Embassy spokesperson called on Japan to cease interfering in China’s internal affairs, highlighting the potential for further damage to China-Japan relations.

The spokesperson emphasized the importance of Japan respecting China’s core interests and major concerns, while implementing the agreed-upon consensus to advance strategic and mutually beneficial relations. China urged Japan to refrain from beggar-thy-neighbor practices and to abstain from meddling in its internal affairs.

The Chinese Embassy spokesperson criticized Japan for disregarding China’s repeated objections and persisting in manipulating China-related matters during the Japan-U.S. leaders’ meeting and in their joint statement. This interference is seen as a grave violation of China’s sovereignty and interests.

Moreover, the spokesperson highlighted Japan’s bolstering of its military alliance with the United States and the emphasis on confrontational dynamics, which heightens the risk of conflict and threatens regional peace and stability.

China firmly asserted that the Diaoyu Islands are part of its territory, and Japan and the United States cannot alter this fact through their statements or actions. The spokesperson also stressed that Taiwan is an internal affair of China and should not be subject to external interference.

Regarding the East China Sea and South China Sea issues, China maintained that its positions and propositions are grounded in historical and legal foundations. The spokesperson called on Japan to refrain from disruptive actions in the South China Sea and to abandon the formation of exclusive military security alliances that target third parties.