China lodges a formal protest against U.S. military assistance to Taiwan

Tan Kefei

1st August 2023 – (Beijing) China’s Defense Ministry spokesperson, Tan Kefei, has condemned the United States’ decision to provide military aid to Taiwan and raised a formal objection to the move. Tan Kefei made the statement on Tuesday, following Washington’s announcement of a US$345 million military aid package for the Taiwan region.

According to Tan, the Taiwan question is a critical issue that concerns China’s core interests and represents a red line in China-US relations. He accused certain US forces of continuing to strengthen military ties with Taiwan through arms sales, training assistance, and other forms of military aid, thereby encouraging provocative actions by separatist forces that have intensified cross-strait tension and confrontation.

Tan Kefei highlighted that China urges the US to stop all forms of military liaison with Taiwan and refrain from going down the wrong and dangerous path. He referred to the wheels of history rolling toward China’s reunification, adding that no individual or force can stop it.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army remains alert at all times and closely monitors the situation in the Taiwan Straits, Tan Kefei stated. He stressed that the PLA resolutely defends national sovereignty and territorial integrity and firmly safeguards peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits.