China faces severe cold snap as South’s temperatures plunge


21st February 2024 – (Beijing) An intense cold front has swept across China, prompting severe weather alerts, including the issuance of the highest-level orange warning by authorities on Wednesday, 21st February. The frigid blast is expected to cause temperatures in the southern regions, which are already hovering around the freezing mark, to drop drastically by six to 12 degrees Celsius by Friday.

The National Meteorological Center (NMC) took to social media to announce that the dip could exceed 20 degrees Celsius in certain areas. This sharp decline in temperatures has sparked widespread concern, leading to the NMC urging local governments to brace for the impact by safeguarding the public, crops, and aquatic resources.

As the cold tightens its grip, the capital city of Beijing woke up to a wintry scene, with a fresh layer of snow covering the metropolis. The overnight snowfall led to a significant decrease in traffic pace and necessitated caution for pedestrians navigating the slippery streets.

Beijing’s municipal authorities reported snow accumulation of up to 4.1 centimetres in suburban districts and cautioned residents about the potential hazards of icy roads. Travel advisories were issued, recommending staggered travel times and reliance on public transportation to mitigate risks.