China denounces U.S. allegations on Russia trade as ‘groundless’

Wang Wenbin

23rd April 2204 – (Beijing) On Tuesday, China vociferously dismissed accusations from the United States concerning its economic and trade relations with Russia, labelling them as baseless. The rebuke comes amid heightened tensions as the U.S. passed a bill to significantly bolster Ukraine with aid.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin addressed these issues during a routine press briefing. He criticised the United States for what he described as hypocritical actions and shifting blame onto others while simultaneously fuelling the conflict in Ukraine. “Fueling the flames while shifting blame to others, this is just hypocritical and highly irresponsible. China firmly rejects this,” Wang stated.

According to Wang, China’s stance on the Ukraine crisis is rooted in justice and objectivity. He highlighted China’s proactive efforts to foster peace talks and seek a political resolution to the conflict. Additionally, he assured that China’s export of dual-use items is strictly regulated under the nation’s laws and regulations, underscoring a commitment to lawful conduct in international relations.

“China is neither the creator of the Ukraine crisis nor a party to it. We never fan the flames or seek selfish gains, and we will certainly not accept being the scapegoat,” Wang emphasized.

The spokesperson reiterated China’s right to engage in normal trade and economic exchanges with Russia, based on principles of equality and mutual benefit. He stressed that these rights should not be disrupted or interfered with by external parties. “China’s legitimate and lawful rights and interests should not be infringed on,” he stated.

Wang also critiqued approaches to resolving the Ukraine issue that involve exacerbating tensions or maligning other nations. He advocated for a resolution through dialogue and negotiation, aiming to address the legitimate security concerns of all parties involved and establish a balanced, effective, and sustainable European security architecture.