China condemns Japan’s export restrictions on semiconductor manufacturing equipment


23rd May 2023 – (Beijing) China’s Ministry of Commerce has strongly condemned Japan’s decision to impose export restrictions on 23 types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In a statement on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the ministry described the move as an abuse of export control measures that gravely deviates from free trade and international trade rules.

Japan’s decision to impose the export restrictions is expected to impact China’s semiconductor industry, which is heavily reliant on imports of equipment and materials. The spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Commerce has called on Japan to rectify its wrongdoings and safeguard the global semiconductor supply chain stability.

The semiconductor industry is a critical part of the global economy, and any disruptions to its supply chain could have significant consequences. The COVID-19 pandemic has already caused disruptions to global supply chains, and the imposition of export restrictions by Japan could exacerbate these issues.