China commits to further market access and enhanced cooperation with U.K., says Premier Li Qiang

Premier Li Qiang

16th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Premier Li Qiang assured a delegation from the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), led by CBBC Chair Sherard Cowper-Coles, that China will expand market access and strengthen service guarantees for foreign investment. The meeting, held on Wednesday, celebrated the CBBC’s 70th anniversary and acknowledged its pivotal role in fostering China-U.K. ties and facilitating bilateral trade.

Premier Li expressed China’s deep appreciation for the CBBC’s commitment to promoting bilateral relations and its significant contributions as a bridge for communication and dialogue between the two nations. Emphasising the importance China places on its relationship with the U.K., Li expressed China’s willingness to engage in dialogue, deepen cooperation, and respect each other’s core interests and concerns. This approach aims to ensure the sustained and steady development of the bilateral relationship.

Li highlighted China’s commitment to intensify economic and trade exchanges with the U.K., foster cooperation in finance, new energy, biomedicine, digital economy, and other sectors, and encourage more third-party collaboration under the Belt and Road Initiative. Additionally, he affirmed China’s dedication to the principle of openness and stated that China will expand market access, provide stronger service guarantees for foreign investment, and create a more favourable business environment for foreign companies. Li extended a warm invitation to U.K. and other foreign companies to continue investing in China.

Premier Li expressed his hope that the CBBC and the British business community will uphold the spirit of fostering relationships, act as advocates for China-U.K. friendship, promote mutually beneficial cooperation, and contribute to the stability and smooth functioning of industrial and supply chains.

CBBC Chair Sherard Cowper-Coles affirmed the organisation’s support for China’s reform and opening-up efforts and pursuit of high-quality development. He pledged the CBBC’s commitment to continue playing a bridging role and making positive contributions to the deepening of U.K.-China relations and bilateral cooperation.

The meeting between Premier Li Qiang and the CBBC delegation showcases China’s commitment to enhancing economic ties with the U.K. and creating a conducive environment for foreign investment. As both countries look towards the future, such dialogue and cooperation will further strengthen their relationship and foster mutual prosperity.