China Chamber of Commerce to the European Union criticises EU raids on Chinese company’s offices

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24th April 2024 – (Brussels) The China Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (CCCEU) expressed deep dissatisfaction and shock on Tuesday following unannounced raids conducted by the European Union (EU) on the offices of a Chinese company in Poland and the Netherlands. The raids were carried out to investigate potential industry subsidies, but the CCCEU has raised concerns about the manner in which they were conducted.

According to the CCCEU, the EU authorities seized the company’s information technology equipment and employees’ mobile phones, meticulously examined office documents, and demanded access to relevant data. The Brussels-based business group criticized the raids, deeming them unjustifiable and lacking solid evidence to justify such intrusive actions. The CCCEU emphasized that suspicions of subsidies should be followed by reasonable and transparent means of investigation.

The CCCEU further stated that the EU’s actions not only negatively impact Chinese enterprises but also send a detrimental message to all non-EU companies operating within the bloc. The business group condemned the EU’s intention to weaponize the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) as a means to suppress law-abiding Chinese firms in Europe.

Calling for a fair and non-discriminatory business environment, the CCCEU urged European authorities to refrain from abusing FSR tools and to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of foreign enterprises. It emphasized the importance of upholding a genuinely fair business atmosphere for all non-EU companies.