China calls for full implementation of UN resolutions on Palestine, pushes for two-state solution

Wang Yi

30th November 2023 – (Beijing) Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, on Wednesday, urged for the complete execution of United Nations (UN) resolutions pertaining to the Palestinian cause, and advocated a return to the proper course of the two-state solution.

Wang, also a member of the Communist Party of China Central Committee’s Political Bureau, made these remarks at the UN headquarters in New York. He was addressing the media following his chairmanship of a high-level Security Council meeting focused on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Wang underscored the enormous civilian casualties and severe humanitarian crisis resulting from the latest escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He stressed that the international community anticipates the Security Council to fulfil its responsibilities and take decisive actions.

As the chair of the Security Council for November, China has consistently prioritised the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Wang stated. Following the adoption of Resolution 2712 — the first Security Council resolution since the conflict’s onset under China’s chairmanship — China convened Wednesday’s high-level gathering in response to the international community’s strong appeals.

The meeting witnessed the active participation of foreign ministers and high-level representatives from nearly 20 nations. They engaged in profound discussions about the current Palestinian-Israeli situation and subsequent steps, further consolidating consensus and gathering resources for peace restoration, Wang added.

Welcoming the humanitarian pause agreed upon last week, Wang asserted, “But peace cannot be circumscribed, and there should not be a time limit to a ceasefire. The window of opportunity, once opened, should not be closed again. The fighting, once stopped, should not flare up again. We cannot allow the humanitarian disaster to continue or tolerate even more suffering or losses among the civilians.”

Wang urged for the release of all captives and the removal of the Gaza blockade to ensure uninterrupted international corridors and secure the basic needs of Gaza’s civilians. He also called for measures to prevent the conflict from escalating across the entire Middle East and encouraged influential countries to play a positive role.

Wang reiterated that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict provides further evidence that the two-state solution remains the sole viable answer to the Palestinian question.

Over 70 years have passed, and generations of Palestinians have been displaced and lost their homes. The dream of establishing an independent State of Palestine is yet to be realised. “This is an open wound on human conscience,” Wang expressed.

Wang urged the international community to fully implement the UN General Assembly and Security Council’s relevant resolutions, respect the will of the Palestinian people, return to the two-state solution’s path, and expedite the establishment of an independent State of Palestine.

“That is the only way for Palestine and Israel to coexist in peace, for Arabs and Jews to live in harmony, and for the Middle East region to enjoy durable peace,” he stated.

China always stands on the side of peace, justice, and conscience regarding the Palestine question, said the Foreign Minister. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly articulated China’s principled stance on the current Palestinian-Israeli situation.

Based on that, China has submitted its position paper on resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, offering proposals such as advocating a comprehensive ceasefire, effectively protecting civilians, ensuring humanitarian aid, enhancing diplomatic mediation, and implementing the two-state solution, Wang said.

To alleviate the humanitarian situation, China pledged to send an additional batch of emergency humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

China will continue to enhance coordination, build consensus with the relevant parties, and work tirelessly to restore stability in the region and tranquillity to the people, Wang concluded.