China calls for fair treatment of foreign firms following EU raids

China's Ministry of Commerce

25th April 2024 – (Beijing) China’s Ministry of Commerce has voiced strong objections following a series of raids conducted by European Union authorities on Chinese business premises in Europe. The incident, which involved the seizure of equipment from a Chinese company’s offices in Poland and the Netherlands, has escalated tensions between China and the EU.

The EU’s actions, which took place on Tuesday, were reportedly in response to issues related to subsidies. However, the Chinese government has criticized these moves as abrupt and unfairly targeted, arguing they undermine the EU’s claims of market openness and non-discrimination.

An official from the Ministry of Commerce expressed China’s “serious concern and strong opposition” to the raids. According to the official, these actions disrupt fair competition and significantly damage the confidence of not only Chinese but all foreign companies operating within European borders.

The official stressed that such measures violated proper procedural conduct and accused the EU of moving towards protectionism. This stance was reinforced by a spokesperson from the Chinese Foreign Ministry during a press conference on Wednesday. The spokesperson highlighted the increasing frequency of economic and trade tools and trade remedy measures being used by the EU against Chinese firms, suggesting a shift away from the EU’s self-professed identity as the world’s most open market.

In light of these developments, China has pledged to closely monitor the EU’s future actions and has committed to taking all necessary measures to protect the rights and interests of Chinese companies abroad.