Children’s clothing brand Chickeeduck founder, Herbert Chow Siu-lung spotted leaving HK at airport


26th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Children’s clothing brand Chickeeduck founder and CEO Herbert Chow Siu-lung, an anti-government activist and his wife showed up at the airport this afternoon (26th), preparing to leave Hong Kong. Later, he replied to the media reporters that he admitted to flying to the United States via Singapore, and even claimed that he would take a holiday first before looking for business opportunities.

After completing the check-in formalities, they went directly to the restricted area. During the period, Chow even asked the airport staff if they had security guards. Afterwards, Chow responded to media questions via text messages. He admitted that he was flying to the United States via Singapore today, and said that “I will go on vacation first before flying to United States, Britain and Canada to find business opportunities, and I will definitely return to Hong Kong.”

Chow’s children’s clothing retail brand, Chickeeduck in Hong Kong used to have more than ten branches, but at the end of last year, the company announced that it would withdraw from the Hong Kong market. It is expected that it will completely withdraw from Hong Kong in the second half of this year.

Chow has placed the “Hong Kong Goddess of Democracy” statues in many of his stores and resulted in many breaches of tenancy agreements with his landlords including Tuen Mun Plaza. Its Tsuen Wan branch was searched by officers from the National Security Department of the police in the middle of last year for placing a statue of the Goddess of Democracy and displaying anti-extradition slogans. No one was arrested. In addition, he reportedly spread anti-government ideologies and he was suspected of violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law”.