Chief Secretary for Administration meets with Chairman and Deputy Chairman of LegCo House Committee


17th January 2022 – (Hong Kong)      The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr John Lee, had the first meeting in the current term of the Legislative Council (LegCo) with the Chairman of the LegCo House Committee, Ms Starry Lee, and the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Mr Ma Fung-kwok, this afternoon. They will thereafter have regular weekly meetings to maintain liaison and communication.
At the meeting, Mr Lee first congratulated Ms Lee and Mr Ma on their re-election as the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the LegCo House Committee.
Mr Lee said that the Government attaches great importance to the relationship between the Executive and the Legislature, and would make every effort to co-operate with the LegCo to perform its duties, including scrutiny of bills, funding proposals, questions and motion debates. He would lead the Secretaries of Departments and Directors of Bureaux to proactively liaise with the LegCo and seek an early opportunity to exchange views with the Members through different forums during the policy formulation process. He added that under the principle of “patriots administering Hong Kong”, the current-term LegCo Members shoulder the important responsibility of governing Hong Kong together with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The Government would work closely with the LegCo Members in enhancing the relationship between the Executive and the Legislature to serve the interest of the Hong Kong people.
Mr Lee also talked about the Government’s legislative programme, the proposal of re-organising the government structure and LegCo businesses in the coming two months, and exchanged views with the Members on various issues.