Chief Executive rejects the need for “fake news” legislation

John Lee

23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive, John Lee, has articulated his opposition to the introduction of legislation aimed at combating “fake news.” Speaking on Tuesday, Lee emphasised the efficacy of self-regulation within the media industry to uphold and enhance the credibility of news reporting.

The Chief Executive praised recent improvements in the accuracy of information dissemination and commended journalist groups for their proactive efforts in tackling misinformation. “We will continue to monitor the situation closely. However, my stance is that enhancing professionalism should be our primary approach. Cooperation and self-discipline within the media can effectively address these concerns without the need for legislative measures,” Lee stated.

His comments align with those from Secretary for Justice Paul Lam, who recently confirmed that the government has decided against pursuing a fake news law. This idea, once floated by the previous administration, has been shelved due to the intricate legal challenges involved in defining “fake news.”