Chief Executive John Lee to prioritise tasks to solve public housing woes


3rd July 2022 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive John Lee pointed out during a TV show after taking office that he hopes to focus on people’s livelihood issues, such as housing, and will set accurate “KPIs” (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure the completion of tasks. The initial goal is to stop the increase in the waiting time for public housing. He also believes that if the effect of the policy is not satisfactory, officials need to be responsible, and frankly, if there are officials who are incompetent and inactive, they cannot be allowed to stay on to delay further.

Lee mentioned that President Xi Jinping put forward “four points of hope” for the new government, which is a positive motivation for him. In his speech, he mentioned the need to improve the level of governance and improve the momentum of development, which is consistent with the content of his political platform, which makes him feel that the current administration is moving in the right direction. However, the real issue is on implementation. He emphasised that in terms of housing policy, the two newly established working groups will achieve the goals in a speedy manner, improving efficiency and increasing volume, including compressing the approval process, reviewing the use of green areas and brownfield sites, etc.

Lee hopes that in the future, the increase in the waiting list for public housing can be stopped first and then shortened. There are some new ideas for increasing housing supply, but they will be released after pragmatic research.