Chief Executive John Lee optimistic about single-use plastic ban’s impact

John Lee

23rd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chief Executive John Lee expressed confidence in the initial phase of the city’s ban on single-use plastic items, which took effect on Monday. Lee believes the new policy will integrate seamlessly into the daily lives of citizens without significant disruption.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, Lee emphasised the importance of adopting environmentally friendly practices and acknowledged that such changes require an adjustment in consumer behaviour. He highlighted the proactive measures taken by restaurants and hotels to comply with the new regulations, supported by the Environmental Protection Department’s provision of around 700 alternative products to single-use plastics.

Lee reassured that the government is closely monitoring the availability and affordability of these alternatives. He suggested that businesses could absorb the cost differences during the transition period, noting that replacement items are competitively priced at 20 to 30 Hong Kong cents each.

The government plans to continue engaging with the public to refine the policy and expand the range of available alternatives. Lee also expressed confidence that the quality of sustainable products would improve as market forces come into play.