Chief Executive John Lee offers condolences to families of  Plaza Hollywood stabbing victims, urges public to stop sharing videos

Right: John Lee. Police apprehended the suspect on the spot at Plaza Hollywood yesterday.

3rd June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Yesterday evening, a terrifying stabbing incident occurred at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill, resulting in the tragic deaths of two women. The police have arrested a 39-year-old man with a history of mental illness on suspicion of murder. John Lee, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, issued a statement today (3rd) expressing his sadness over the attack and extending his deepest condolences to the families of the two victims.

Lee acknowledged that citizens may feel uneasy and worried after learning about the incident, particularly with some videos related to the case circulating online. He called on people to refrain from sharing these videos and to care for their family and friends. Citizens who feel emotionally distressed should seek professional help. Lee noted that the Social Welfare Department has a 24-hour hotline (2343 2255) that provides immediate telephone counselling, support, and referral services. Citizens in need can call for assistance at any time. They can also call the Hong Kong Red Cross hotline at 5164 5040 for help.

Lee also stated that colleagues from the Social Welfare Department have contacted the families of the two deceased and the suspect’s family to offer support. The police have arrested the suspect and will do everything possible to investigate the case. He emphasised that this is an isolated incident. The police and law enforcement agencies will continue to work tirelessly to maintain Hong Kong’s public safety.

Meanwhile, Tik Chi-yuen, a Legislative Council member from the social welfare sector, stated that the Diamond Hill stabbing incident was an isolated case. However, the authorities should promptly review mental health services, including daytime care, residential care, and counselling services. He has always felt that there are shortcomings in these services, and many cases have not been thoroughly followed up. It is time to reflect on whether further improvements can be made. He does not want these “tragic stories” to occur before the authorities take action.

Tik Chi-yuen also expressed concern that the overall emotional and mental state of society may not be ideal after the pandemic. He hopes that the government will pay attention to how measures can help citizens relieve their emotions.