Chief Executive John Lee addresses HKU mismanagement claims and Fanling Golf Course development

John Lee

3rd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) In a media session before today’s Executive Council meeting, Hong Kong Chief Executive, John Lee, responded to questions regarding the alleged mismanagement accusations against Zhang Xiang, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Vice-Chancellor, as well as the recent achievements of golfer Taichi Kho and its implications on the housing plan at the Fanling Hong Kong Golf Club.

Regarding the HKU matter, Mr. Lee emphasised that the management of affairs within the university is an internal issue to be addressed by the HKU Council and the Vice-Chancellor. He highlighted the importance of adhering to established procedures and ensuring that any matters are dealt with fairly and impartially. Mr. Lee reiterated that the university system in Hong Kong entrusts the management of internal affairs to the Council and the Vice-Chancellor, and thus, it is best for them to handle the situation according to the prescribed procedures.

Shifting the focus to Taichi Kho’s commendable performance in Hangzhou, Mr. Lee conveyed his congratulations to the golfer. In response to concerns about the housing plan at the Fanling golf course, Mr. Lee affirmed the government’s commitment to its previous promise. Regardless of the final decision made by the Town Planning Board, the part of the land reclaimed by the Hong Kong Government will be made available to event organisers. The government will also extend assistance to ensure that events can continue to take place at the golf course, be it the old or new course. Mr. Lee reassured that competition events will not be hindered, as the government has pledged to provide adequate support, including ample preparation time.

In relation to the property market, Mr. Lee acknowledged the various opinions and suggestions put forth by the public. He confirmed that the government will thoroughly study these viewpoints and make a decision accordingly.