Chief Executive congratulates elected members of seventh District Council Election


11th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, took the opportunity today to extend his congratulations to all the elected members of the seventh District Council Election. In his statement, he highlighted the significance of this election and praised its successful implementation.

The Chief Executive acknowledged that this District Council Election marked a significant milestone as the first large-scale territory-wide election held after the improvement of the district governance system and the reform of the District Councils (DCs). These reforms aimed to align the DCs with their role as district advisory and service organizations, in accordance with Article 97 of the Basic Law, and to uphold the principle of ‘patriots administering Hong Kong’.

Characterizing the election as high-quality, the Chief Executive emphasized its adherence to the principles of fairness, justice, cleanliness, safety, and orderliness. Over 1.19 million registered electors exercised their right to vote, with a cumulative turnout rate of 27.54% in the District Council geographical constituencies and an impressive 96.9% in the District Committee constituencies. The Chief Executive expressed his gratitude to every registered elector who participated, highlighting their eagerness to select dedicated DC members committed to serving the community and representing their interests in the pursuit of a better future.

The Chief Executive extended his appreciation to the civil servants, public officers, and non-government personnel who played crucial roles in organizing the election. He also acknowledged the efforts of the disciplined services and the Independent Commission Against Corruption in maintaining public order, enhancing deployment, and ensuring a secure electoral process.

Furthermore, the Chief Executive expressed his gratitude to colleagues from various bureaux, departments, and community organizations for actively promoting and publicizing the election. Their dedication and innovative approaches in encouraging public participation through diverse channels significantly contributed to the success of the election.

Highlighting the lively atmosphere and competitive nature of the election, the Chief Executive commended the candidates for their efforts in canvassing for votes, emphasizing their visions, achievements, and problem-solving abilities. The newly elected DC members, representing diverse backgrounds, sectors, strata, and professions, will bring comprehensive and varied perspectives to district work, better addressing the interests of citizens.

Looking ahead, the Chief Executive emphasized the introduction of a monitoring mechanism to evaluate the performance of DC members during their term of office. This mechanism will enable citizens to continuously assess the diligence and effectiveness of their representatives, ensuring the delivery of high-quality services to the public.

The seventh-term DCs will consist of elected members from this election, as well as appointed and ex-officio members. The Government will promptly announce the list of appointed members.

Looking forward to 1st January, 2024, when the seventh-term DCs assume office, the Chief Executive encouraged them to prioritize district affairs and remain attuned to the sentiments of the community. By doing so, the Government can better understand district needs, facilitate planning and promotion of district services, and enhance governance at the local level. Collectively, these efforts will contribute to building a better community and maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong.

The Chief Executive expressed his gratitude to the Electoral Affairs Commission (EAC) and the Registration and Electoral Office for their tremendous efforts in ensuring a fair, just, clean, safe, and orderly election. Regarding the technical issues faced with the Electronic Poll Register system, the Chief Executive directed the EAC to establish a dedicated investigation group and provide a comprehensive report within three months, in accordance with the Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance. The aim is to identify the causes and prevent a similar occurrence in the future.