Chief Executive, Carrie Lam may re-shuffle top government officials to solve current civil unrest


19th October 2019 – (Hong Kong) As the civil unrest continues and Hong Kong’s economy continues to slide, Chief Executive, Carrie Lam attended a radio interview this morning and admitted that it is incumbent on the government to understand the public sentiment and opinion. She said that during this difficult moment, a responsible government should try its best to deal with the problems that Hong Kong is facing now, so that Hong Kong can get out of today’s deadlock.

She expressed further that she won’t discount the possibility of re-shuffle of top government officials and reform of executive meetings. She also said that the current anti-extradition protest has evolved into anti-establishment movement. In order to fight against the government and its system, some people even took the movement to the international platform to challenge the legality of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle.

From an objective perspective, the fact is foreign intervention is still imminent but the level of threat to the regime remains uncertain. However, she said that it is definitely not a simple matter to be resolved easily.