Cheung Chau Bun Festival from 9-13 May 2019


4th May 2019 – (Hong Kong) The original celebration on the vibrant little island of Cheung Chau was to mark the end of a plague but in modern times, it is one of the most important festivals that attracts tourists and visitors from around the world. The main attractions of the festival comprise the Piu Sik parade and a Bun Scrambling Competition, where participants scale a 60-feet bamboo towers covered with buns and compete with each other to grab as many buns as possible.

The Piu Sik  (Floating Colours) Parade
This dramatic reenactment of the ceremonial parade held to drive away a plague a century ago sees young children, dressed in the guises of traditional deities and modern celebrities, balance on poles and accompanied by gongs and lion dancers, appearing to float above the crowds in a carnival-like procession.

Source : Discover Hong Kong
Source : Discover Hong Kong


Take ferry from Central Pier 5