Cheung Chau Bun Festival draws thousands despite some planning early departures


15th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Over 13,000 visitors had journeyed to Cheung Chau by midday Wednesday, drawn by the vibrant festivities of the Cheung Chau Da Jiu Festival. The event, celebrated on Buddha’s Birthday—a public holiday—saw a 23% increase in attendees compared to last year, according to Sun Ferry, which added additional services to accommodate the surge.

The festival’s highlight, the Piu Sik parade, captivated crowds with children aged four to six dressed in elaborate costumes, appearing to float through the air on special platforms. The streets echoed with the sounds of traditional Chinese instruments and the sight of the qilin dance, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Despite the allure of the evening’s bun-scrambling competition, many attendees, including Australian teacher Lianna Wittenberg and her family, planned to leave before the event. “It’s partly the crowd, but also tomorrow is a work day and the children have to go to school,” explained Wittenberg, who was also looking forward to trying local delicacies like mango mochi and buns filled with lotus bean paste.

A group of teenagers, seizing the holiday opportunity, expressed their excitement for the parade but noted their plans to depart post-celebration to avoid the larger evening crowds. The festival, renowned for its cultural significance and local charm, continues to be a major draw, reflecting the vibrant community spirit of Cheung Chau.