Checkley Sin Kwok-Lam announces decision to run for Chief Executive on Youtube


19th January 2022 – (Hong Kong) Checkley Sin Kwok-Lam, 64, is known in Hong Kong as a film producer, a pro-Beijing KOL, kung fu master and business leader. One of his recent videos about how the United States vets public officers was viewed by 50,000 times and had over 800 comments on YouTube.

After days of speculation, Sin finally announced his decision to run for the upcoming Chief Executive election via his Youtube channel this morning. He said he understands that some people will question his decision to run for election, thinking that he is “not qualified” but he believes that popularity is not important, and he hopes to deliver what he preaches.

Sin posted a nine-minute video with simplified Chinese subtitles. Although he once said that he would not be involved in politics, there was a big change in his family last year, which caused a heavy blow to him. He pointed out that after more than 20 years of internal friction, Hong Kong is now in a dilapidated state. He believes that although he is over 60 years old and has only one eye sight, he believes that his physical strength and willpower are sufficient to cope with the task, and he is no less than any candidate. He mentioned that his knowledge and experience accumulated in different fields over the past few decades will jive well with the central government’s policies. The key points of the policy platform include radical reforms in housing, medical care, education, and social welfare benefits. His economic development strategy is to “consolidate the old and promote the new”, that is, to consolidate and optimise traditional economic sectors, while exploring new and potential sectors and will devote itself to innovation and technology and finance.

Sin said that he did not have the backing of a big financial group or a star-studded campaign team in this election, but the real support for him is for every citizen of Hong Kong. “As long as you support Hong Kong, you are my supporter.” He pointed out that although his personal financial situation has improved, he still goes to Ngau Chi Wan for morning tea, Mong Kok for a haircut, and Sham Shui Po for shopping and eating, so his life is very down to earth and similar to many people. He also revealed that there are representatives from different fields in his team, including professionals, retired housewives and students.

He also mentioned that a new approach will be used to formulate the political platform via participation from the public i.e. an “open-ended method” will be adopted. The content will be put on the election campaign website in stages for everyone to browse and put forward their opinions. If the opinions are feasible, they will be included in the final policy program. If he is lucky enough to be elected in the future, he will also welcome public support and sponsorship for his campaign.

Sin posted a nine-minute video with simplified Chinese subtitles.