The cheapest and best sushi chain, Sushi no Midori, from Tokyo opens in Mongkok tomorrow


Sushi no Midori is a very popular sushi restaurant chain from Japan with their head store located next to Umegaoka Station in Tokyo. It will open for business in Mongkok from tomorrow onwards! The philosophy of Midori is divided into three concepts. One is to use the freshest ingredients possible (they go get their fish at the Tsukiji Market daily). Another is to prepare the sushi with well-polished skills. And Finally, the goal is to bring satisfaction to sushi-enthusiast customers.

Sushi no Midori’s head store located next to Umegaoka Station in Tokyo.

Midori has a well-earned reputation as one of the best sushi chains in Japan because its chefs are true sushi experts and they are famous for high quality sushi at reasonable price! In Hong Kong, sushi price will start from only HK$10!



Shop 202, 2nd floor, Grand Plaza, Mongkok.

Reservations: 3571 9018

Opening hours : 12pm to 11pm. Weekends and public holidays : 11.30am to 11pm