Charmaine Sheh’s fan-friendly autograph gesture met with displeasure due to staff’s interference

    Charmaine Sheh

    29th February 2024 – (Shanghai) Charmaine Sheh, acclaimed TVB actress known for her role as in the hit drama series “The Queen of News,” has been enjoying a surge in popularity in mainland China, garnering a massive fan following. Recently, she was invited to attend an event in Shanghai, where her presence attracted a large crowd, causing quite a commotion.

    In a video shared by netizens on social media, Sheh can be seen wearing a red dress and being closely protected by several bodyguards and staff members. Known for her down-to-earth nature, Sheh graciously approached her fans after the event to sign autographs. However, just as she received the pen, a staff member wearing a blue outfit swiftly intervened, making shushing sounds to halt the interaction. The sudden turn of events caught everyone off guard, leaving Sheh visibly startled and unsure of how to react. Eventually, she had no choice but to leave under the arrangement of her security team.

    Although the staff member later apologised to the fans present for the incident, many were unconvinced by the gesture. They felt that the staff member’s actions were unnecessary, considering Sheh’s willingness to engage with her fans.