Charcoal-based Fart Odour Deodorizer Pads for people who pass gas regularly


20th June 2019 (United States) A US company called Flat-D Innovations has created a new lightweight, reusable charcoal-based pad called ‘Flatulence Deodorizer’, that can be attached to your underwear. Its primary function is to neutralise your intestinal gas odours.

The product available for purchase on Flat-D’s website is described as follows:

‘The medical industry has long known the benefits of charcoal as an odor absorbing media. Charcoal is used for filtering liquids and gases from their harmful elements. Activated charcoal fabric is the latest technology in gaseous odor absorbency. It actually has the carbon embedded into the fabric.”

It further adds, “Then when the textile is formed it is in every part of the structure. Other carbon types are less effective.” 

“The material we use is approximately 1/16th of an inch thick and can be washed repeatedly and still maintain its effectiveness. It comes laminated on both sides, with a thin polyester type material, which provides strength and durability. The material is breathable, lightweight, reusable, washable and easily installed. Due to its slim profile, the wearer is comfortably unaware of its presence.”

Flat-D emphasised that “the material is very safe when worn touching the skin. There are no harmful side-effects either. You can use your own underwear and insert this when needed. It is hypoallergenic and in all of our tests we have not found anyone allergic to the material.”

Many customers who have tried the product claimed that it worked very well. An office staff who passed gas regularly felt more confident after using the product as she did not hear any complaints from her co-workers anymore.