Chaotic scene unfolds in Cheung Sha Wan as video of intense altercation between man and woman goes viral


25th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) A female resident of the Cheung Sha Wan uploaded the video to the Facebook group “Cheung Sha Wan Residents” on 24th February. The footage captured an altercation between the couple, which took place at 5:40 a.m., and was met with widespread disapproval due to the disturbance it caused.

The first video segment, lasting 47 seconds, reveals the intense confrontation between the couple. The man seizes the opportunity to grab the woman’s hand and forcefully pins her against a wall, shouting angrily, “Come on! Hit me! You dare to hit me, you [expletive]! You don’t have the guts… You [expletive]! You [expletive]!” The woman, refusing to back down, fiercely fights back, kicking, pushing, and slapping him. Eventually, they separate.

In the second video segment, lasting 40 seconds, the man continues to provoke the woman, repeatedly taunting, “Come on! Hit me! You dare to hit me!” The woman responds by pointing her finger and verbally berating him. As he approaches her, she slaps him, forcing him to take a few steps back. The argument persists, but due to the noisy environment, only fragments of their conversation, such as “I haven’t offended you all night,” can be heard.

The video has generated extensive discussion among netizens. Some residents provided additional information about the incident, stating that the disturbance lasted for more than twenty minutes until the police were called. Criticism from netizens included remarks about the disturbance, with one commenter stating, “This pair of troublemakers continued making noise even after 6am. It was so loud that the commotion could be heard several streets away.” Others emphasised the importance of avoiding physical altercations and expressed the need to document instances of violence, particularly when it involves women.