CEO of MakerVille and organiser of MIRROR concert apologises over the stage incident involving 2 injuries

Lo Ting-fai

29th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) After the serious accident that injured two dancers during MIRROR concert, the organisers Music Nation Group and MakerVille issued a statement twice to apologise over the issue and expressed care to the injured victims. They also pointed out that they will provide all necessary assistance to the injured, and will comprehensively and thoroughly investigate cause of the accident and make an announcement as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the government has also ordered the concert to be suspended.

In addition, the organiser is also deeply sorry that the incident has caused unease to the audience or other affected persons. In addition, Music Nation Group and MakerVille jointly announced that all remaining performances and online live broadcasts will be cancelled, and the arrangements for refunds will be announced as soon as possible. As for the audience holding tickets for the concert on 28th July, they can also get refund for their tickets. Details will be announced later.

The CEO of MakerVille, Lo Ting-fai, arrived at the hospital at 12am today (29th) to check on the condition of the injured. He did not respond to questions from reporters and left after staying for about 5 minutes. Lo returned to the hospital at 4am this morning and explained the incident to reporters. He and the three female staff members bowed to apologised for the mishap, and pointed out that the incident would be handled seriously and promised to thoroughly find out the cause.. He is most concerned about the situation of the two injured and their families, and will provide all assistance, and he wished the two injured a speedy recovery.