Central’s Peel Street residents alarmed as bloodied mother and daughter flee, escaping husband’s assault

Insert picture: Barry Wong

26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) At around 5am today on Central’s Peel Street, it was reported that a man engaged in a heated argument with his wife over domestic issues, which escalated into a violent confrontation. The man, fueled by rage, brandished a kitchen knife and swung it at his wife. In a desperate act of courage, their brave daughter, who is just over 10 years old, intervened to protect her mother and ended up being slashed as well. Both mother and daughter sustained injuries, and the assailant was subsequently arrested on charges of “causing harm.” The assailant was apprehended in the building’s underground corridor by well-equipped police officers and was subsequently arrested on charges of assault.

The scene outside the first-floor unit was marked with scattered bloodstains, and blood smears were visible on the walls. It was revealed that the mother and daughter managed to escape the unit and sought help outside the building. A trail of blood, staining each step, led from the staircase to the ground floor exit. The street also bore witness to a significant amount of blood, with blood-soaked bandages left behind. The Criminal Investigation Division arrived at the scene in the morning to conduct investigations and gather evidence.

One female resident of the building who witnessed the incident described hearing loud screams from the mother and daughter. She soon witnessed the mother staggering out onto the street, covered in blood, prompting her to immediately wake her son and call the police. The witness expressed her deep unease and confusion about the situation, exclaiming, “Mother lay down on the street…lots of blood!” Her son, upon learning about the incident, was terrified and found it difficult to sleep, exclaiming, “So much blood!”

The unit involved in the incident is located at 72 Peel Street and is part of the Housing Bureau’s transitional housing project, operated by Lok Kwan Social Service. The building offers ten units accommodating 4 to 5 individuals each, with sizes ranging from 313.8 to 449.9 square feet. The monthly rent for a four-person unit is HK$6,005, with a two-year lease term.

Upon learning of the incident, the Housing Bureau immediately contacted the project operator, Lok Kwan Social Service, to gather information and requested comprehensive follow-up actions. This includes providing appropriate assistance to the affected residents and cooperating fully with the police investigation.

Barry Wong Man-sing, the Chief Executive Officer of Lok Kwan Social Service, expressed his sadness over the incident. He disclosed that the organisation had previously interacted with the family and was aware of past disputes between the couple. Following the incident, they reached out to the uninjured eldest daughter and ensured that she receives temporary care from her relatives. The organisation also plans to visit the injured mother and daughter to assess their needs. In addition, they have provided explanations and support to all other residents of the building, addressing their concerns and offering assistance. Given the bloodstains on the premises and the street, the organisation will arrange for thorough cleaning after the investigation concludes.

According to reports, the couple involved in the incident had been experiencing tension in their relationship recently. The husband was suspicious of his wife having an affair with another man and had been holding onto this suspicion. In the early hours of today, after consuming alcohol, the husband engaged in an argument with his wife again. Suddenly, his emotions spiralled out of control, and he grabbed a knife and attacked his wife. Their 12-year-old daughter, who was shocked by the situation, tried to protect her mother but ended up getting injured in the process. Both the wife and daughter, wounded and frightened, rushed downstairs seeking help, and the police arrived at the scene and arrested the agitated husband.

The scene was marked with numerous bloodstains, extending from the unit’s doorway to the street. The wooden door and walls were stained with blood, and the corridor and staircase were covered in bloodstains, creating a horrifying sight. A foreign female resident living on the second floor, directly above the affected unit, stated that her 17-year-old son heard the commotion outside and witnessed the violent attack. He alerted her, and she immediately called the police.

The female resident expressed her shock, as it was the first time she had witnessed such a violent incident. She described seeing the female victim, covered in blood, sitting on the roadside, and her daughter also bleeding. The resident mentioned that there had been multiple instances of arguments coming from the unit in the past, and the argument leading up to this incident was particularly intense, with the female victim screaming at one point.

The incident took place at around 5am today at a unit on the first floor of a residential building located at 38-76 Peel Street, Central. A man attacked his wife and young daughter with a knife. Upon receiving the report, the police arrived at the scene and arrested the man. The wife sustained multiple stab wounds, including her neck, back, hands, and feet. Her finger was even severed. The daughter had a suspected knife wound on her head and was conscious when she was taken to Queen Mary Hospital for treatment.