Central and Western District anti-extradition march on 28th July to start from Kennedy Town before ending at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park


10th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Another anti-extradition march will kick start from 3.30pm – 4pm onwards on 28th July. The march will start from Hard-surface pitches, Forbes Street Temporary Playground and it will end at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. Protestors will walk past Cardogan Street, Catchick Street, Praya, Kennedy Town, Des Voeux Road West and Eastern Street.

Purpose of the march:

With the help of the Liaison Office, the Central and Western District Council has long been controlled by the pro-establishment camp. Mr Yin Wing Shing, the chairman of Central and Western District Council, together with the other 17 district heads supported the amendments to the extradition bill irrespective of strong resistance from Hong Kongers. West Central Pier was re-developed without any consultation from local residents. Conservation of historical relics and environmental issues were ignored during re-development.

The organisers of Central and Western District demand the followings:

  1. Withdrawal of the extradition bill;
  2. Exonerate protestors;
  3. Setting up of an independent commission of inquiry;
  4. Retraction of the word ‘riot’;
  5. open election;
  6. to allow local community to monitor the imbalanced social policies implemented by the district council.