Celebrity couples including Tony Leung and his wife, as well as Julian Cheung and his partner sighted at Art Basel Hong Kong

    Tony Leung (far right) and his wife Carina Lau were spotted at Art Basel in Hong Kong recently.

    23rd March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The actors who starred in “Where the Wind Blows,” such as Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung, were elated after a five-year-long hiatus when the film finally made its debut in cinemas this February. Despite Leung’s understated persona, he has been making more public appearances lately, leading to increased attention from fans and the media. Recently, sharp-eyed netizens spotted Leung and his wife, Carina Lau, at the Art Basel currently being held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. Leung, who has publicly shared his struggles with social anxiety, appeared content at the event, even flashing a rare and dazzling smile.

    Meanwhile, another Hong Kong singer Julian Cheung Chi-lam and his wife Anita Yuen were also spotted during the preview of Art Basel. Julian Cheung, known for his penchant for collecting luxury cars, expensive timepieces, and high-end properties, has taken a liking to the world of art a few years ago. Using his discerning taste for valuable artwork, Cheung has managed to amass a substantial collection of art pieces worth more than HK$100 million, including notable works by the renowned Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara.

    Julian Cheung (third from right) with his wife (fourth from right) attended Art Basel with veteran actor Ray Lui Leung-wai (2nd right).