Celebrity couple Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying maintains relationship by gossiping


    10th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) In the entertainment industry, Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan stand out as one of the most admired celebrity couples. Recently, Cherrie Ying opened up about her daily life with Jordan Chan on a talk show. When asked about her inclination to share personal experiences, she humorously remarked that she tends to share gossip rather than food-related matters.

    Their secret to maintaining a strong bond? Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan believe that they don’t need mutual friends, but rather common enemies. They enjoy discussing the latest gossip together, even envisioning themselves lying in bed, engrossed in lively conversations about others’ affairs. This down-to-earth approach to their relationship is truly captivating.

    Whenever Cherrie Ying stumbles upon intriguing gossip, she immediately shares it with Jordan Chan. She even confessed to discussing gossip about Lee Seung-hyun with Jordan Chan in private. However, one might question the appropriateness of revealing such secrets in the presence of the individuals involved.

    Interestingly, Cherrie Ying’s penchant for gossip is no secret. In fact, Jordan Chan once playfully labelled her as a “gossip queen” during an episode of the TV program “Viva La Romance.” He teasingly referred to her as a chatterbox who loves gossip and has a lot to say. This straightforward comment left the other guests wide-eyed, but fortunately, Chinese singer Jason Zhang swiftly intervened, asserting that all women share a fondness for gossip. Jordan Chan quickly added, “My wife is the most beautiful!”