Celebrity couple Aaron Kwok and wife Moka Fang spotted strolling hand in hand in Pacific Place

    Aaron Kwok and his wife

    21st May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Aaron Kwok, and his wife, Moka Fang, were recently captured by mainland Chinese netizens while taking a leisurely stroll hand in hand in Pacific Place. Fang, wearing a captivating pink headband, drew much attention, appearing like a playful young girl in the presence of her husband. The couple’s affectionate gestures and intimate bond left onlookers envious.

    In addition to praising the couple’s loving relationship, online discussions have sparked a fervent debate over Aaron Kwok’s height mystery. Some netizens believe that he is not as tall as the publicly stated 171cm. One internet user, claiming to be 162cm tall, stated that they had encountered Kwok and found his height to be similar to their own. Conversely, adamant supporters argue that Kwok truly stands at 171cm, speculating that he might have been measured while wearing shoes. Furthermore, eagle-eyed netizens have noticed that the soles of Kwok’s shoes appear to be worn out.

    Moving on to other noteworthy topics, Fang, who was previously rumoured to be pregnant due to alleged swelling in her nose, recently shared snippets of her daily life on social media. In the posted videos, she can be seen wearing the same outfit as when she was captured by photographers, enjoying ice cream and frozen beverages, effectively dispelling any baby bump speculations.