Celebrity chef Toto, 72, stuns netizens with dramatic weight loss and aging appearance as he transforms into a food influencer

    Hugo Leung

    1st June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Celebrity chef and food critic Hugo Leung Man-to, affectionately known as Toto, has been a fixture in Hong Kong’s culinary world for many years. He is a celebrated cookbook author, food critic, and TV host, with a passion for all things food-related. Toto has been featured in numerous print, TV, and radio interviews and has even hosted his own food series. He is also known as the “Gourmet God” for his expertise in food and his discerning palate.

    However, at 72 years old, Toto has recognized the need to focus on his health more than ever before. In recent years, he has been actively working to shed excess weight and get in better shape. In 2021, Toto appeared in a food video with fellow food expert Chua Lam, which garnered attention from netizens. They were shocked to see how much weight Toto had lost, from 325 pounds to 195 pounds. He had slimmed down at least three sizes, and his transformation was nothing short of remarkable.

    Toto has since transitioned into becoming a food influencer, creating cooking videos and showcasing different cuisines from around the world. He has even opened a Douyin account to attract fans from Mainland China. Most recently, he joined Xiaohongshu to share his food experiences with his followers.

    In two of his latest videos on Xiaohongshu, Toto introduces dishes from two different restaurants in Guangzhou.While sampling the food, Toto offers his expert commentary, impressing viewers with his knowledge and insight into the culinary world. Fans have praised Toto for his professionalism and expertise in food, but many have also noticed his recent weight loss and aging appearance. Toto has responded humorously, admitting that “time waits for no man” and that he has gained some weight back due to his love of food and his work as a food influencer.