Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shares important message after bicycle accident


    16th June 2024 – (Connecticut) Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a “very important message for all the dads out there” following a serious bicycle accident he experienced this week. In a heartfelt Instagram video posted ahead of Father’s Day, Ramsay expressed how lucky he feels to be alive after a “really bad accident” while riding his bike in Connecticut. The 57-year-old chef credited his helmet for saving his life and emphasised the importance of wearing one, regardless of the distance or cost.

    Ramsay shared his ordeal with his Instagram followers, admitting that the incident had truly shaken him. He expressed his gratitude towards the trauma surgeons, doctors, nurses, and the hospital that provided him with exceptional care during his recovery. In the video, Ramsay lifted his chef jacket to reveal a large purple bruise extending from his waist to his ribs, a visible reminder of the pain he endured. Despite the challenges he faced, Ramsay assured his fans that he was doing okay, having avoided any major injuries or broken bones.

    The renowned host of “Hell’s Kitchen” urged all fathers to prioritise their safety by wearing a helmet whenever they ride a bike, regardless of the journey’s length. Alongside his message, Ramsay shared before and after photos of his accident, providing a glimpse into the impact it had on him physically. He took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the medical professionals and staff at New London hospital who took care of him during his recovery. However, Ramsay saved his biggest thank you for his helmet, acknowledging that it played a crucial role in saving his life.