Celebrity butcher removes his mask to reveal his full facial features in latest commercial


    19th July 2022 – (Hong Kong)  36-year-old butcher in Tsuen Wan,  Samuel Lai Sung-wai  has become popular recently. Many housewives have visited his stall in the Tsuen Wan market to take photos as the masked butcher resembles local singer Aaron Kwok, Taiwanese singer Show Low and some even said that he looks like Anson Kong from popular boyband ‘ MIRROR’.

    He made his official debut in mid-May this year and has already shot a number of commercials with masks. In the latest commercial for Life Nutrition, he removed his mask to show his true face. For the first time, he revealed his full facial features without a mask which surprised many fans. Some were surprised by his good looks.

    Lai recently issued a statement to refuse defamatory remarks which have caused harm to him and his family. Some alleged that he had been involved in drug parties, participated in triad activities, dated multiple women and cheated on them. He also owed debts, etc. There are fans who started Facebook page to support him and there are also non-supporters who started a page to expose the history of Samuel Lai.

    Lai appeared in a latest commercial with mask.